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Once a month L'il Critters provides the children with a special guest musician, Al deCant. He is a new musician to our school, the children absolutely love him. has been coming to the school for over 5 years now. He introduces the children to new songs and instruments each time he comes! Follow the link below for more information about Al deCant.

L'il Movers

L'il Movers is owned and operate by Amanda Roleder. She is a licensed Personal Trainer, certified in First-Aid and CPR.

Amanda started Lil Movers in the spring of 2018, she introduces the children to new games and activities each week. She also teaches them about their muscles, how to stretch and the importance of exercise.

L'il Movers is a gym class that is available to your children once or twice a week. Each session lasts 30 minutes, at a cost to the parents.

Follow the link below to Amanda's website Reach Fitness for more information.

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